TSLG Application and Solution

Consumer Electronics Industry

Keeping up the slim, light-weighted, and water-proof design trend of consumer electronics, the excellent self- locking capability, reusability, and sealing function of TSLG products can enforce product structural integrity and pass the stringent testingstandards. TSLG products are now widely applied in the standard design for consumer electronics, including Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, TV, and wearable devices.

Automobile/Motorcycle Industry

With advanced fastener coating technologies, TSLG’s products are designated and applied by the world famous automobile companies, including G.M., Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, in the mechanical design of Powertrain system, Transmission system, Chassis, Body, Interior, and Exterior…etc.

Bicycle / Other Industries

TSLG provides the most suitable pre-applied coating products to meet our customer’s design, assembly and function demands. By providing quality solutions, TSLG enhances the value and market competence of our customer’s products. Our products and services have been applied and recognized by clients in various industries, including bicycle, automation equipment, transmission equipment, pneumatic tool, hand tool, machinery hardware…etc.


NAME:Fastener Taiwan 2016 is Coming Up!
DATE:2016 April 11 (Mon) -13 (Wed) 9am - 5pm
ADDRESS:Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (No.39, Chenggong 2nd Rd., Qianzhen


2015 COMPUTEX TAIPEI! TSLG Welcome you to Visit!
2015 Taipei international cycle show,TSLG welcome you to visit!

About TSLG

TSLG (Taiwan Self-Locking Group) is the leading company in the field of functional pre-coating on fastener in the world. Our mission is “to devote to innovation and application of fastener pre-coating  for safer products and better life.” With  attentive and diligent spirit, our aim is to become the Value Solution Provider (VSP) that offers efficient pre-coating services for thread locking, sealing, thread protection/masking, anti-seize, electrical insulation, and more.

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