PRECOTE? 5 is a nonreactive coating for immediate sealing of cylindrical and conical threads. It is resistant against gases, water, motor oils, gasoline, diesel, brake fluids, water/glycol mixtures, transmission fluids, gear oils and other liquids. PRECOTE?5 pre-applied sealant is applicable to metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Product Advantages

    Seals immediately after assembly

    ● Replaces hand-applied tapes or gaskets

    ● Reduces assembly time - cost savings in both material and labor

    ● Can be applied on external or internal threaded fasteners

    ● Dry-to-the-touch, tack-free finish 

    ● Non-toxic, assembler friendly

    ● Environment-friendly

    Controlled thread friction values when assembled

    Technical Data

    Property Description Property Description
    Color White / Blue Application Sealing
    Thread friction value 0.12 ~ 0.18
    Initial installation torque*(kgf-cm)  20 ~ 51
    Initial installation torque*(kgf-cm)  <15 bar (216 psi) Sealing properties*(psi)- taper/straight <50 bar (720 psi)
    Operation temperature - Air -60 ℃~ 160℃
    Shelf life
    4 years at max. 30℃ and max. 65%RH
    Remark: Based on M10 x 1.5 bolt

    Industrial Specifications and Standards

    Company Specification Company Specification
    General Motors 9485490
    Ford Motor WX201
    ESE-M4G 208  A2
    WSS M18P12-A
    Chrysler MS-CD914
    Renault 39.02.010 Category 1E
    Perkins Diesel PMS P1.04 SAAB STD-518 447 
    Fiat FPW.80104
    PSA B14 1235
    B141 235 E
    Bendix BW621M
    Volvo STD 1262
    STD 1262,2 material number 96220


    PRECOTE® is a registered trademark of omniTECHNIK Mikroverkapselungs GmbH.