T40 is a tough, resilient, non-sagging pre-applied sealant which tightly adheres to threaded fittings when dried. T40 is water based, safe, and easily applied. It’s adjustable, re-useable and provides outstanding sealing capabilities.

Product Advantages

  • Ideal for fasteners with adjusting or sealing requirements
  • Low prevailing-on torque, re-useable, and adjustable.
  • Ready for assembly and not necessary to wait for curing.
  • Ideal for fine threaded fasteners adjustment.
  • Applicable to any kind of fasteners.
  • Applicable to a variety of materials and finishes.
  • Resistant to lubricants, fuel, and most commercial solvents.
  • Non-metallic material, no impact on fastener strength and performance.
  • Conforms to RoHS (Pb, Hg, PBB, PBDE <1000 ppm ,Cd<100 ppm) and Halogen Free (Cl <900 ppm, Br<900ppm, Cl+Br < 1500 ppm)
  • UL and NSF certified, and applicable to drinking water equipment.

Technical Data

Property Description Property Description
Color Blue/White Patch coverage 360°
Operation temperature -54℃~138℃ Shelf life Forever at max. 27℃ and max. 65% RH


耐落® is the registered trademark of TSLG.


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