LOCTITE® 202™ is a dry-to-the-touch, pre-applied film for threaded fasteners. It remains inert on the fastener until assembly of the threads releases a quick curing resin. The resin fills all the voids in the threads and cures to securely lock and seal the assembly. LOCTITE® Dri-Loc® products prevent loosening through vibration to provide locking and sealing of threaded assemblies. They are widely used in automotive, machinery, hardware, and electrical industry.

Product Advantages

  • Micro-encapsulated thread locking and sealing product
  • No additional locking device needed.
  • Coating range can be adjusted to meet specific applications
  • Complies with or exceeds DIN-267 PART 27, IFI-125, and IFI-525.
  • Increases productivity at the assembly line
  • Ready for assembly
  • Dry-to-the-touch, tack free finish
  • Non-toxic, assembler friendly
  • Environment-friendly
  • Not recommended for use on copper or brass surfaces

Technical Data

Property Description
Color Green
Application Thread locking/Sealing for adjustable application Medium Strength
Breakaway Torque* (kgf-cm) >102
Prevailing-off Torque* (kgf-cm) <561
Operation Temperature (℃) -54℃~150℃
Curing Time Start Hardening 10 min.
Fully Cured 72 hrs
Lubricity Medium
Shelf Life 4 Years at room temperature 8~28℃and max. 65%RH
Remark Do not touch any oil during product assembly process
Remark: *on 3/8”(M10) phosphate based bolt

Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company and Institution Specification Company and Institution Specification
Industrial Fasteners Institute(IFI) IFI-125
General Motors ESE-M2G260-A5
WSK-M2G354-A6 L752A
Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) DIN 267 Part 27 Matsuda MES CF 510-2


LOCTITE® is the registered trademark of HENKEL Corporation. Dri-Loc® Vibra-Seal® Dri-Seal® are the registered trademark of HENKEL Corporation.


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