LOCTITE® Dri-Seal™ Product 513™ High Temperature Pre-applied Thread Sealant is a ready to use, sealing compound applied to bolts, screws, studs, pipe plugs, etc. Dri-Seal™ 513™ is a resilient, tight clinging, non-curing sealant for tapered or straight threads. This product can be used on metal or plastic fittings.

Product Advantages

  • Seals pipe threads for immediate use
  • Locks straight threads by resisting thread movement
  • Can be easily seen and inspected
  • Does not contaminate from shredding and washout
  • Provides lubrication for assembly
  • Seals against leakage of automotive lubricants, fuels and coolants up to 300°F/150°C with intermittent use to 350°F/177°C
  • Can be shipped on parts for field service
  • Saves application labor and mess on the line

Technical Data

Property Description
Color White
Application Sealing with high temperature resistance
Temperature (℃) -54℃~150℃
Sealant after assembly Seals immediate after assembly
Sealing ability(psi) NPT : 150
Lubricity Medium
Shelf life 4 years at room temperature (8~28℃)                         
*on 1/2” NPT


LOCTITE® is the registered trademark of HENKEL Corporation

Dri-Loc® Vibra-Seal® Dri-Seal® are the registered trademark of HENKEL Corporation.


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