TSLG brings in this world-leading chemical adhesive product from omniTECHNIK Germany. Precote® 19-2 is a non-reactive coating that offers immediate clamping of cylindrical threads. The coating is dry, tack-free, with good adherence and can be used in all kind of assembly procedures.

Product Advantages

  • Forms a thin film with good adherence when dried
  • Clamps and seals immediately after assembly
  • Applicable for adjusting and positioning
  • Environment-friendly formula
  • Avoids joints rusting
  • Can be applied to metallic and non metallic surfaces
  • Long shelf life

Technical Data

Property Description Property Description
Color Red Application General use/Adjusting
Thread friction value 0.18 ~ 0.23
Initial installation torque*(kgf-cm) 30 ~ 71
Operation temperature - Air
-60 ℃~ 90℃
Operation temperature - Glycol/Water(50/50)
Room temperature
Shelf life
4 year at max. 30℃ and max. 65%RH

Remark: *Based on M10 x 1.5 bolt


PRECOTE® is a registered trademark of omniTECHNIK Mikroverkapselungs GmbH.
耐落® is a registered trademark of Taiwan Self-Locking Group, TSLG.